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  This Agreement is made and entered into this _______ day of

_____________________, 20_____, by and between First Elite Property

Maintenance, hereinafter "Elite", and _________________________________, hereinafter "Customer". The purpose of the Agreement is to define the terms and conditions under which Elite shall supply house cleaning and/or maintenance services to Customer via persons who are independent contractors to Elite.

1. Elite shall provide a clean, responsible and capable person, hereinafter

"Worker", to Customer to perform routine house cleaning and/or maintenance

services on Customer’s premises, and not elsewhere, using Customer-supplied

cleaning supplies, such as cleaning agents, cloths, sponges, brooms, vacuum

cleaners and other materials sufficient for house cleaning and/or maintenance


2. Customer shall pay Elite for such services in amounts to be negotiated and

noted on this document on the signature page. Payments shall be made in a

timely fashion. Payments are not to be made directly to Worker; provided,

however, Customer may pay Worker tips in cash or otherwise at Customer’s

discretion, but such tips will not reduce or be applied Customer’s payment

obligations to Elite.

3. Customer shall prepare the premises to be cleaned in advance of Worker’s

arrival by removing firearms, antiques, items of exceptional value, dangerous

items, and cash from sight and shall secure such items out of Worker’s reach or access. Customer shall also take appropriate and effective steps to restrain or cage pets and children that may otherwise impede Worker’s activities.

4. It shall not be Worker’s responsibility to perform services outside the premises, or on ladders, if this imposes risk of injury to Worker. Worker may exercise reasonable discretion in refusing any assignment from Customer that poses a safety risk or is otherwise reasonably deemed dangerous, repugnant or inappropriate by Worker.

5. Customer shall give Worker clear and effective instruction as to how to operate any machinery, including clothes washer, dryer, dishwasher and/or vacuums involved in performing services.

6. No one other than Customer shall give Worker instructions or assignments.

7. Worker shall be entitled to brief and occasional "breaks" in work for toilet

needs, rest and nourishment. It is not Customer’s obligation to provide Worker

with meals, but water or other appropriate non-alcoholic beverages may be made available at Customer’s expense.

8.Elite reserves the right to adjust client rates at any time. You will be notified 5- 10 days prior to any price increases.

9.When entering into an agreement for services with Elite, you agree not to solicit for hire any staff member introduced to you by Elite for any home-related services. If you are found to have solicited one of our staff members, please be advised that our referral/ training fee is $3,500 payable to Elite immediately upon employing our staff for any services to your home/ business. Your maid (s) will also be immediately terminated. Failure to pay will result in civil court filing to collect.

If you solicit our cleaners and something happens. Elite has no obligation to help you in any investigation and we are not liable. We Stand behind our cleaners when they work with us but once they leave us it is no longer our business.

Any cleaner who soclits and or accepts soclititation will be fired from our platform immediately. We do not release any personal information about cleaners unless you work with us and pay the fee before hand.

10.All payments are due same day as appointment. We will provide up to 24-48hours grace period to settle their bill before they are charged a 10% daily compound interest. After 7 days Client may be takin to court and will be responsible for all fee associated.

11.Please conducer the fact that you are blocking a time slot on your cleaners schedule and if you cancel last minute this will leave gaps in their schedules and result in lost of funds. Please be considerate. Same day cancellations will be charged full 100% booking price.