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First Elite Property Maintenance Terms of Service

First Elite Property Maintenance Terms and Conditions is an agreement between User/ Client  and First Elite Property Maintenance.

Complaints & Re-cleaning
We pride ourselves in giving superior service to our clients. We go above and beyond to make sure you are completely satisfied with your cleaning service.
Our policy is to proved a re-cleaning for items missed in the initial cleaning should an issue arise. If re-cleaning is refused a refund and / or a free cleaning will can not be issued. Our way is to fix the issue. We want to fix our mistakes not cover it up.
WE DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS.We provide Re-cleanings for items missed and must be completed within 1-3 days of initial cleaning appointment. We DO NOT GIVE FULL RE-CLEANINGS UNLESS THE ENTIRE HOUSE WAS NOT CLEANED.
If your Cleaner asks you to do a walk through and you walk through and say everything is ok. We take that as a verbal agreement and we will not accept any complaints to the office.  If you see something say something don’t be shy. In order to have a good relationship communication is important. We do not know what you like or do not like unless you tell us. Please use your words and do not assume it’s included or not.

If you return and are dissatisfied with your cleaning service for any reason, please contact us within 24 hours of you're cleaning and we will return to re-clean the area/areas you are dissatisfied with at no additional cost to you.

We do not provide refunds for service that has been rendered. There will be no exceptions.

Office Hours
Our standard office hours are Monday to Saturday       8 a.m – 6 p.m. We schedule service 7 days per week.  Sunday can only be booked by calling and subject to availability.
Gratuity is not required but always appreciated for a job well done. 10 - 15% is the general rule of thumb. If you are happy with your cleaning and choose to leave gratuity, please leave tip at your home on cleaning day (separately from cleaning payments) or you can add it to your cleaning fee.
Skipped Cleanings, No Shows & Cancellations
As a general cleaning client, a part of what you pay for is a consistent spot on our schedule. Having a consistent spot insures that you receive a discounted rate. Any gaps in regular service MAY increase your rate if additional time is needed in order to bring your home back to maintenance level.

A cancellation fee will also apply if you do not cancel at least 24 hours in advance or the night before. (See below) We know things happen. However, please conducer the fact that you are blocking a time slot on your cleaners schedule and if you cancel last minute this will leave gaps in their schedules and result in lost of funds. Please be considerate.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your cleaning service, please give us at least 24 hours notice. Please consider our scheduling/preparations and that we are reserving a time slot for your cleaning. A fee of 50% of your appointment price will be charged and will be applied to all accounts that are not canceled/rescheduled at least 24 hours before your scheduled cleaning day.

No Show Or We Can Not Get In To The House.
Understand that no show appointments and cleaners not being able to gain access to the apartment will result in a 100% charge of the total booked appointment. We will wait 20 - 30 minutes before instructing the cleaner to go to their next site if we do not hear from you. Refunds will not be given.
Valuables breakage and damage

ALL CLAIMS NEED TO BE MADE WITHIN 24 HOURS OF SERVICE. WE ARE NOT LIABLE ANYTIME AFTER THAT. It's bound to happen sometimes. We do our best to prevent it and effective communication is very important. We will do a investigation and if we find we are liable we will proceed as follows: (we deserve the right to deny any claim)

1. Sometimes breakage or damage occurs when there are "booby traps". Those are accidents waiting to happen. We are often handling things that aren't normally touched (pictures not hung securely (e.g. with thumb tacks), top heavy items with unstable bases, wobbly, tippy objects). Each incident is reviewed on a case by case basis. We cannot take responsibility for "booby traps". Please remove unstable breakables to a place we do not clean (we do not clean inside curios, china cabinets or clear wet bar shelves).

2. We will replace up to $100 per breakage or damage item, when value is verifiable. If the damage is valued at more than $100, a Liability Insurance Claim and Investigation will need to be opened through our insurance carrier.

3. In some cases we will have the broken item repaired by a professional restoration company. Breakage values over $25 must be verified before replacement or reimbursement will be authorized. Please save the broken item for our inspection. Breakage must be reported within 24 hours of your cleaning. Under no circumstances will we accept any claims after that even if you were not home.  Please do not toss any broken items out. As we will will come pick it up. If we find we are liable.

4. If you have valuables that are sensitive to the touch or extremely expensive please let our cleaners know. We will add those items to the do not touch list. We are not responsible for broken or damaged items.

Laundry Damage
If you want us to clean your laundry you are responsible for removing items such as dry clean only sweaters, suits, paints, tees etc. If our cleaner washes any delicate or dry clean only items because it was In the bin or place were you store dirty laundry  we will not replace the item. It is not our responsibility to sort through and make decisions on what should and should not be washed. Please keep dry clean only items in one section and laundry separate. Please separate your delicate items yourself.

Clean Off the Counters

You don’t want your house cleaner trying to figure out where you want all of the things on your kitchen and bathroom counter. Have a place for everything and put everything in its place before the cleaning lady (or man) comes.

Even toothbrush holders and decor that you usually leave out on the counters should be put up so it is easy for your cleaner to take care of the counters without obstruction.

No Food & Dishes Mess

It’s not a good idea to leave food out in the first place but leaving it out when your house cleaner is coming is even worse. You’re paying your cleaning person to clean your house, not put up your food or throw away half-eaten pizza.

Clutter Be Gone

Look around the room and see what clutter has accumulated. It’s easy to throw this here and throw that there but picking up clutter in your room will help your cleaner get done with their job much faster.

Clutter includes clothes and blankets so pick them up and put them away neatly before cleaning day.

Your Cleaning Person Will Thank You

Getting your house ready will make sure that you get the best experience possible. Without a home being prepared properly, you might not get the clean that you’re expecting.